Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My birthday at the St. James Tea Room

I gave myself a birthday present this year! A trip to Albuquerque and Tea! Tea was the highlight of my celebration. The new St. James Tea Room is just gorgeous and the food so wonderful, as always. I got to take home a sample of the Sir Philip Sidney Tea, which was just fantastic. Luckily, Peggy gave me more to take home too! Not everyone was able to make it to tea, but I had 2 very dear friends share it with me, as well as Heidi and Krista's girls. I am very blessed to have been able to do this. The trip to ABQ is always too short, I did manage to squeeze in birthday dinner at Ortega's with Lanny and spent one night at the Boyett's and one with Vicky and Sydney, our old neighbors. It is very strange staying right next door to our old home and not going in! But the neighborhood hasn't changed much and it still feels like home being in ABQ. I wonder if someday I will be able to call Albuquerque home again. I hope so. We'll see where God leads us. Only 16 more months on Derreck's contract. We could easily stay here, but I'm up for a change!! I really do miss the mountains, the hiking trails, biking trails, real stores, and fabulous food.

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