Friday, March 5, 2010

Roswell, NM

We have so much fun when we visit Roswell. That is one good thing about Hobbs not having any doctors of specialties - we have to go somewhere else. And even if it is 103 miles away, we make the best of it. We always stop at Target for some shopping and sometimes if I feel like splurging, I might even get a Starbucks!! But it's the aliens that make Roswell so fun. We had a blast in Area 51 and the kids are still talking about it. I know something really crashed there, Derreck says weather balloon, Aaron of course says Aliens, and me - I don't know for sure. One local I talked to said a lot of people think it might have been the Russians. The Red scare was going on then, so who knows. I'm pretty sure there was a gov't cover-up though. You can read newspapers and see pictures at the UFO research center and you know they didn't have photo-shop back then, so certainly the images aren't fake, or are they???!!!

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