Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome New Year!

We had a great holiday season. Christmas was so nice and the kids just had a blast with their new toys. We had a wonderful, but too short! trip to Albuquerque for 4 days after Christmas. It was so good to spend some time with good friends, but sad that we couldn't squeeze everyone in. We did get to eat at Sadies (now on the East side)!! Also, the kids favorite restaurant - Souper Salad. D and I got our favorite wings at the Wing Basket, and I found my new favorite sandwich at Il Vicino! And many people fed us delicious home cooked food too. Thanks!

We had our good friends over on New Years Eve for yummy food and great company. It was the best way to bring in the new year. (though we didn't stay up until midnight!!) And then, Heidi's first tooth finally came out on New Year's Day. It had been really loose for weeks, it just needed a tug from Dad.

D took Aaron hunting Quail hunting over the break. They didn't see any but a few, but Aaron shot a rabbit. I tried to be happy for him, but it was hard. Poor little bunny. Aaron shot his shotgun for the first time. He shot it twice, determined to get over the "kick."

I am praying this year will either bring our country back to it's roots and the constitution or that Christ returns very quickly.

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