Monday, November 16, 2009

Heidi is in the "black hole" slide at the McDonald's in Roswell. Way fun!

The Contemporary Art Museum, Roswell New Mexico

Aaron liked this painting best.

The Truth is Out There
(name that show)

We have been going to Roswell every three weeks for allergy treatment for Heidi. We usually go to the little zoo there and then to Target, but this time we went to the Contemporary Art Museum, which was really nice. The works on display are by resident artists from the early 70's until now. Very nice for a small museum.
We also went to the International UFO museum and Research Center. It was actually quite fascinating. I am quite skeptical...of the government. Something certainly happened, but what exactly that is, I am not sure.

The good news is now Heidi has reached maintenance level on the sublingual drops for her allergies, so we will go every 10 weeks now. She is starting to show signs that it is helping. Typical allergy treatment lasts 3-4 years. We are really praying that it helps her, as her allergies are so terrible.

Thanksgiving is just over a week away. We are staying in Hobbs, but hope to meet up with my brother and his family at White Sands.

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