Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Adventures Continue

Last week the kids and I went to Colorado to see the fam up there. We had planned to go while D was in the Czech, but it didn't quite work out that way. Derreck and the Czech team had a good trip. D said that God used them in a way they didn't plan on, so you know that His way is better than ours. I will let him post about his trip, since he was there!!!
So we went to Colorado. We left here about 10:30, a little later than I'd wanted, but we had an extra special traveler with us - a cute female boxer that we were transporting to her new home in ABQ. She was a good traveler though at first she wanted up front! After our stop in Roswell, she settled in and slept most of the way to ABQ. Her new owner was so excited to meet her. It was really neat to be that small part of it.
We continued on to Bayfield, arriving at 9pm. That was a LONG day, but it turned out fine. We got to go rafting with Dana on Wednesday morning. The water was nice and cold; so, so nice! Of course, Aaron started shivering and shaking. He has no fat on him, so he gets cold so easily. Heidi only hung off the side of the raft, so she didn't get very wet. That was in the nice deep calm spot. We rafted on the town run in Durango. The water was a little low, but we still had a few small rapids, and then of course, Smelter, the last one which the kids LOVED!
We had a nice time, though it was a bit Hot for CO, it still was not nearly as hot as Hobbs!!! We stopped in ABQ for one night on our way back through. We didn't get to see many people (sorry!!!) as we only had a short time. But I sure did enjoy my time with Annie and Katie and Lanny and Karla. Next time we will spend a longer time in ABQ and get to see everyone. That is the hardest part about going to ABQ. I miss everyone so much, I miss living there, I miss the stores we don't have here, and I always run out of time.
Things here at home are fine, though we still have flooring to finish putting down. And baseboard! Oy!! Samson is doing a little better on his new medicine. He walks a little farther and quicker now, so that is nice. But he still slips sometimes. He's a good boy. Derreck's job is going well. They had a company summer picnic which was really fun for the whole family. I am gearing up for school to start soon. I am actually looking forward to it, and Heidi is too. Aaron is going to take some convincing, he is really enjoying his summer off! We do hope to go camping at least once before school starts, but need a hitch on the new truck. So hopefully I can get that done next payday.
That's all for now. God bless!

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