Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer in Hobbs

Hello to all our blog followers! It's summer in Hobbs and that means it's 97-100+ degrees now everyday. That is just too hot to be outside much, so we are spending a lot of time indoors now. But...we had a whole bunch of rain last week and these cute little red bugs come out of the ground after heavy rain. They remind me of something Dr. Suess would have created. They are soft and fuzzy and bumpy. I have tried to identify them on some buggy websites, but to no avail. At any rate, they are all gone now. Perhaps they all went back into the ground?

Derreck is leaving for the Czech Republic on Monday. We are excited to see what God has planned for this mission trip. He hasn't left yet, but I am already ready to have him back! There is a group of 7 people from our church going. They are helping in "American Week" for a VBS and also lots of other missiony things. It is another time for those going and those sending them to really trust God for provision. I feel I have a lot of experience in Trusting God blindly. When Derreck first got this job it was all about that for a year and a half. Whew! That is mostly over and we have some real stability in our everyday-ness now. There is something to be said for going through those dark unsure times; it really makes you dependent on God, the only unchanging factor in life. I could go on about how our country is heading into a dark unsure time with all the crap congress is pushing through, but I don't want to depress myself. I only want to encourage myself to trust God. He is sovereign over all of this garbage and somehow it will be used to His glory. Amen. Otherwise, we're toast.

Here is a turtle that D'Linda found. We named her Shelly. She is not the common box turtle often found. We looked up what kind, but I have forgotten. Something like African something or other. Anyway, she burrows, so she is hard to find. She eats grasses and hay, not the usual turtle food. She is one of God's beautiful creatures. Isn't she cute?


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