Sunday, June 7, 2009

Last week Aaron had golf lessons through the city M-F. There is a nice bike/walking trail along the Lovington highway and I told Heidi she would have bike riding lessons while Aaron had golf lessons. We had a rough couple of days with frustration and a couple of scraped knees, but by Wednesday, Heidi had ridden a little ways by herself! She is now doing great with riding, but still needs a little work on the stopping. I know she'll get it just fine soon. We are all so proud of her!

We have enjoyed our summer so far. I am looking forward to this week, with no where we have to be (except the dentist for me tomorrow!) It is so nice to take a break from routines for a little while. My friend Alicia and I joined up with Derreck's mom and had a big garage sale over the weekend. We all did pretty good with selling. The kids had a lemonade stand. They were little troopers selling lemonade.

Derreck is doing well at work. His duties are job recruiting and hiring for now. They will have a 3rd team by the end of the year. He gets to travel some with that and it's going fine. Derreck will be taking a mission trip to the Czech Republic at the end of June. I am excited but a little nervous too. He and 5 others from our church will be going for 1 week.

Swimming and staying cool are my goals for the summer. I am reading lots of great books: The Bible, The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer, Lord I want to Know You by Kay Arthur, and The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love. I also plan on ordering the kids' curriculum for the fall soon, and plan on reading a few of their books ahead of time. They have some really good ones for read-a-louds and I am looking forward to it.

Derreck and Aaron went on a Father/Son camping trip with our church 2 weekends ago. They had so much fun. Aaron caught 2 fish, and it was his first time fishing! He was very excited. While the guys were away, we had a Mother/Daughter Tea Party at the church. It was so wonderful and lovely.

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