Monday, April 13, 2009

April ongoings

The kids all dressed up for Easter.

Easter goodies!

Good thing I didn't need to bake!

The hailstorm.

We are doing well. Derreck has been recruiting for his job. He enjoys it for the most part. The kids and I are gearing up to be done with school for the year. It's all gone great this year. We have got to do a lot of fun things and look forward to the summer off. I am excited to be going to the ABQ homeschool convention this weekend. It's always so re-charging and will get me excited for the fall.
We don't have any major plans for the summer - only to do some camping here and there and still finish up working on the house. We have come a long way on the house. It is a never ending work in progress though.
God has continued to bless us. It is amazing to see His hand at work in our lives.

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