Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Kitchen phase

Most of you know, we bought this house, then proceeded to gut it in it's entirety. The only rooms that were somewhat untouched were the kids bedrooms. At anyrate, it's come a long way, but still more to go. Our latest phase is the kitchen. We added some more base cabinets. I chose to paint our original ones, since they were really well built and solid and to save on the cost. So we bought unfinished base cabinets at home depot and I painted them to match our existing ones. It sure will be nice to have that extra counters and storage!!! Then we finished laying the floor we bought for the kitchen. Our hope was to salvage the hardwood floors in the dining room and bedrooms, but they are very badly damaged, and they are the only floor - there is no subfloor. So we decided our best bet was to lay the laminate flooring over all of them as well. We originally had enough floor to continue from the living room through the whole kitchen, but decided to go ahead and do the dining room floor and kitchen and see how far we got. So, the kitchen floor is unfinished still, but will be at some point. 
The next step though is countertop. We thought about butcher block, how it might go really well with our "farmhouse" type house and an apron front sink. Well, reality set in and butcher block, though very inexpensive, requires a lot of upkeep to keep it nice and the apron front sink would not fit in our existing sink base, so that would need a custom job. At anyrate, we decided against that. So then I wanted soapstone counters. Good luck finding that in Hobbs. So we looked into solid surface. They are very nice and could put a sink in that would be molded in. It was a very nice counter, though really pricey. More than I wanted to spend on basically plastic. Well, we decided to check Home depot again and they have a special on granite for just a wee bit more than the solid surface. Well, why not? So that is our plan now. I would have never ever thought we could afford granite countertops, but it looks like we can. They are supposed to come measure soon.... We all know what that means in Hobbs. I'm trying not to discourage myself. I can't wait for the tops to be installed, so I can actually use the cabinets!!! You can click on pic to enlarge it.
The other things on the to-do list are: finish the floors and add new sink, get baseboard and trim for the house, new front and back door, new floors for bedrooms, new windows. Not necessarily in that order. It's coming along. Maybe it will all be done before we move, unlike our home in ABQ. I'd like to enjoy this house for a couple of years if possible. Who knows God's plans for us, I'll go where He sends me!

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