Sunday, November 23, 2008

Queen of Coffee

Ok, I love coffee. I love Starbucks too. Even while living in ABQ, or "the 505" as it is sometimes known by, I did not frequent the Starbucks too often because of the cost - money and calories! Then we moved to the booney's, flat-lands, bad-lands, cow-pie land, stinky pump-jack land, whatever your name of choice may be for the lack of civilization and anything remotely"urban" or modern or whatever. So needless to say, whenever I'd visit "the big city" of Roswell or Lubbock I'd have to stop at a Starbucks (and a Target, since they are inside!) and treat myself to a cappuccino or something equally good. I do hate paying $4 or more for such a treat though... Then we lived in the Netherlands for a while. Europeans drink coffee as much as they do beer - so it, like beer is really good and really cheap. So I could get an excellent cappuccino for a mere 2 Euro. Not bad, beer being the same cost, water being the same cost, a coke though would be 2.50 Euro. So now I'm back in Hell, I mean Hobbs, and during the hot, hot, and very hot summer, who cares about coffee or cappuccino or whatever. Unless you like it iced or better yet, a frappuccino! At any rate, I did continue to treat myself to some coffee delight on the rare occasion that I visited another enlightened city. Now speed ahead to the cold mornings and believe it or not, sometimes it's actually cold during the day now. Then note that my coffee maker I got for a wedding gift over 13 years ago and had still been using finally crapped out. So it was time for a new coffee maker. I was going to go for the usual automatic drip coffee maker, since the one I'd had forever really lasted and worked great. Then, while perusing the coffeemakers online, I discovered a little gem. For only $30 I could get my own cappuccino maker. Could it be too good to be true? I read every comment for this machine by Mr. Coffee and every single one of them was positive. So I went for it. I bought the thing. I love the thing. I now can make my very own cappuccino at home! What do you know? I've got the ratio of espresso and steamed milk just right now and it's so delicious. And cheap. And convenient. And easy. Will I still stop at Starbucks (and Target) when entering a big city - I honestly don't know, but probably!

Disclaimer: Hobbs is not Hell, even though I am tempted to think that sometimes. Hobbs has a coffee place, but it is never on my way anywhere, not as good as SB, and just as expensive.

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The Haglers said...

I am not a coffee drinker myself (unless it is cold with lots of chocolate added) but I am glad that you now have your own piece of heaven at home. Have a happy Thanksgiving. And it Hobbs would only be Hell if you hadn't met me. Ha Ha!!

Love Ya,