Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween and Aaron's Birthday

Since Aaron's birthday is the day after Halloween, it seems that there is always a whole lot going on in preparation and planning for those 2 days. And this year was no different! 

We carved our pumpkins and this year Heidi was finally not disgusted by the pumpkin goo. She dug right in and got it out! Yea, I didn't have to do it! They drew their faces on and I cut them out. They did a good job. 

Aaron was the grim reaper (he found the mask in PA for $0.50) and Heidi was a pirate, costume donated by Syndey! And I remember when she wore it. Two cute pirate girls!

Aaron wanted a pirate birthday party this year. I still can't believe he is 8 now! I made a treasure map for the kids to follow that led to the treasure chest full of booty! And I got a really cute pirate ship cake idea from the internet. It was EASY and very cute! It got lots of compliments. 

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