Sunday, November 16, 2008

19 days and counting

Derreck returns to the US on Dec 5th. We can't wait and this time it's for good! We are all ready for him to be home. Only 19 days now. And we both have things going on to make that time go by even faster.

Derreck is taking a trip to England and Scotland with his buddy Glen from ABQ. Odd that they are both working in Europe at the same time (different countries) and can take their vacations. So of course they are going to play golf at St. Andrews. I am sure they will have the best time.

The kids and I are going to ABQ for Thanksgiving. We're going to stay a few days and visit some friends and probably get some shopping done, since there's no where to shop here!! And I am very excited to be visiting our former church too. When we get back to Hobbs, it will only be 5 days until we go pick up Derreck in Midland. Yea!!

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