Thursday, September 11, 2008

My September 11th Birthday

Today is my 39th birthday. All things considered it was a good birthday. I woke up and turned on the news to watch the memorial speeches. Then Derreck called me this morning to wish me Happy Birthday, just like he did 7 years ago when our country was attacked by terrorists. Today was especially hard for him to be gone, as this day, aside from being my birthday, is a terrible day in our history, but a day to never forget or become complacent about. And on this day 7 years ago he was out of state for work and I home with a 10 month old baby, wondering when we'd see him again, fearful of who knew what else might happen. Now Derreck is in Europe. Our country seems safer now, thoughts of another terrorist attack are not in our forethoughts. And I do know that I will see Derreck in 15 days. It's still hard being apart; I can't help but remember how terrible we all felt, our nation grieving and in shock. I am thankful that since then our country is better prepared and has protected us from other attacks on our soil. One thing that came from the attacks on 9-11 was such a sense of Pride of Country. We were all proud to be Americans. I wish our nation still had that. I do. I am proud of our country. It's a great place to be.

So yesterday my 2 darling children and I were in Walgreens picking up pictures I had printed and they decided to buy me something for my birthday. I gave them their allowance and watched from a slight distance. They really wanted to surprise me, so I really did not look at what they were getting me. This morning I opened a Webkinz from Heidi and a bag of dark chocolates from Aaron. I have the best kids in the world! I named my Webkinz "Liberty", in honor of our country and the freedom we hold so dearly.

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Denise said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Enjoy your chocolates AND your Liberty!