Sunday, September 21, 2008


Just before I went home in July I had the opportunity to go to Berlin for the weekend. Even as I type this it amazes me how blessed I am to be able to say I went to German city for a quick weekend trip! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get this sort of opportunity. God is good! But I digress. Berlin was another amazing place that I wish I could have spent more time in but but who can complain. The thing that stuck out the most to me was how unimpressive the Berlin wall was. In one of the photos you see a concrete wall with dirt on the other side and another fence where the dirt ends. That was it. During the Cold War, however, the dirt area was a mine field and armed guards awaited you if you made it through that. With all of that the wall was just sort of for show. We had a blast while we were there and I hope you all enjoy the post. Take care and God Bless!
While living in Europe I have become accustomed to seeing public restrooms out on the streets where the people using them are just barely covered enough so you can't see whats going on. But this is pushing it even for Europe. Have a great day!

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