Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now and Later

We brought Derreck to the airport on Monday. That was a long, hard day. We so enjoyed our time with him home. None of us were ready for him to go back. But how could we ever be? So this week has had its ups and downs. We started school on Tuesday, to follow the schedule of the public school. I can't believe Heidi started Kindergarten! Where has the time gone? They are both responding well to having school again. It's been really good to have a routine, it keeps their minds off Dad not being here anymore. 
But - only 45 days between his flight back to NL and his flight back to the US again. This time the kids and I are flying to PA to see my parents and Derreck is going to fly there and meet us. We will spend some time with the folks, take a trip to Niagra Falls, and Derreck and I plan to go to Washington DC for a few days and leave the kids with their grandparents. Derreck will have to go back to NL for one more stint. He is scheduled to come back to the States the day after Thanksgiving - for good! We really can't wait for that! The plant is on schedule, so there shouldn't be any hold ups for him. 

Meanwhile, D.C. is living up to her name. She got stuck in a Cedar tree again! I am tired of rescuing that cat. She is very cute and playful though, so she's easy to love.
Samson, poor guy, he has a torn pad and he licks it incessantly. He still wants to go out for walks though. I decided to take him out tonight even though he was limping. We just went about 400 yards and I had to make him turn around to come back home. He couldn't even put weight on it. It's amazing to see his drive, as a Hound, he is a sniffer. His nose was just working and working. He had to be in pain, but his nose just wanted to keep going. Anyway, he came home, ate, and collapsed on the floor by his food bowl. His age is really starting to show. I am concerned about leaving him for 3 weeks for our trip to PA.

I am learning the conga drums at our church with the worship band. I played my doumbek a couple of weeks ago with them during service. It was so fun for me! I just loved it! Anyway, they have congas there and said to just play them. So I'm practicing during their practice sessions. It's really fun, but I have no idea what I'm doing. They are all very encouraging and tell me to keep coming. I love drumming, I think I have a percussionist's soul, so this is very awesome for me. I just need more practice and some lessons! Make a joyful sound - so there I go!

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