Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bye Bye Kitty

D.C. has a new home now. We wanted to keep her, she is so sweet and playful and cuddly. But the allergies got the better of us. Honestly, it was probably the combination of the cat and the cedar tree she played in, but at anyrate, it was so hard for us to hold her and play with her, and then run to wash up. The final decision was made after I had to take Heidi to the ER on Saturday night. She had a severe reaction with her eyes completely red and swollen and hives all over. She said she was breathing ok, but still scared me. We love the kitty too much to keep it but not interact with it, so we found her a nice new home. Another homeschool family took her yesterday. We had some tears over it, but we know it's best for us all. We love you D.C. !!!

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