Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our time with D

D has been home just over a week now. The jet lag hasn't effected him as much as I thought it would. He's adjusted fairly quickly to the 8 hours behind that he was. So we've been having some really nice family time. First D had the honor to baptize Aaron. It was
 so precious and wonderful. None of us will ever forget. Our family and friends came to our church to witness and that was so encouraging! We had everyone over after and had a very nice time and meal.
We went swimming at one of the city pools which was great fun. Especially nice for me was Derreck being in the water too, so I could actually relax some!
We went together to see the free summer movie, "The Waterhorse" which was a cut
e movie and we all liked it.
Thursday we took off on a
 whim to Lubbock and ate at our favorite restaurants - Souper Salad for lunch and Red Lobster for dinner. We shopped a little too and had a great time.
I made pizza and had some friends over and played Balderdash. It's been so
 nice to have D home again. There's been balance back in our family. I get a little break with the kids, especially putting them to bed at night. We are just loving our time now. The next 2 weeks will go by fast I'm sure, but it won't be as long between our visits this next time.  I know we can make it! And next time we plan to meet in PA so we can visit my side of the family. Another adventure awaits!

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