Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yesterday morning I woke up and heard meowing. Strange, we don't have a cat. But I kept hearing it and knew there was a cat under the house. How on earth did it get under we did not know. All morning, "Meow!!!" All afternoon, "Meow!!!" I knew we had to get it out or it would die and stink under there. So we pinpointed where it was - in the corner of the house in Aaron's room. He found a fairly large crack between the wall and baseboard and stuck a popsicle stick in that crack, and low and behold, the cat played with it. We stuck some paper in there and again, it played with it. There was a small opening about 4 feet from that corner outside and Derreck said we should throw some yarn in there and see if we could lure it out. Well, that worked! We got it to come out and it is such a cute little white and grey kitten. It promptly ran around the house and right back under it, so now we know how it got in - under the siding through a very small hole. I lured it out again with some cheese. What creature on earth does not like cheese? So I grabbed it and brought it into the house just so I could block up the holes. It was in that moment that I touched it, I was suddenly in love with it! But after only about 15 minutes of it in the house and the little physical contact with it, Heidi and I were itchy and had runny noses. So we made a little bed for it and put it out on the front porch with some food and water. Later I went to check on it and it was stuck in the huge overgrown boxwood bush in front of our house. I managed to get it out again. Then later that night it was stuck in a tree near the front door. In the meantime we were trying to decide on a name for it. Derreck said "D.C" which stands for "Dumb Cat." It seems appropriate, as again this morning, somehow it managed to get back under the house, even with it all blocked off. 

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