Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mean Mom

When called a "mean mom" I take it as a compliment. When I don't let my kids have a soda, even Sprite, at 10am I'm a mean mom. When I don't let them go to their friends' house after they don't clean up when I told them to, I'm a mean mom. When I say no to the ice-cream man right before dinner, I'm a mean mom. When I make them at least try everything on their plate, I'm a mean mom. When I tell them no tv for whatever reason, I'm a mean mom. When I pull the car over when they are fighting, I'm a mean mom.

I'm not always mean. Sometimes I'm a pushover. Sometimes I let them stay up past their bedtime, after all it is summer. Sometimes I buy them something in the store just to get them to be good. Sometimes I go to back to their bedrooms after they've been tucked in for water, a missing stuffed animal, or an extra hug. Sometimes I tune them out instead of dealing with it when they are bickering. Sometimes I let them watch tv for a long time when I just need a break from them.

This mom is far from perfect. I do a lot of praying not just for the kids, but myself too. I just hope and pray that when they are adults they will look back on their childhood fondly and know how much they were/are loved.  And have respect and understanding on all my mistakes as well as the things I did right and with good reason.

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Denise said...

From one mean mom to another...amen! sounds like you're doing all right and those kids will appreciate your 'mean-ness' one day...i sure appreciate my own mean mom...who btw, is a much nicer!