Saturday, July 12, 2008

Getting Ready!

Six days now until Derreck is home for his visit! We are really excited. We've got lots done around the house and cleaned up the back yard and just need to straighten up the house. Keeping the kids' room clean will be a challenge!
When D's home he'll bring the camera so I can take some pictures of the house progress to post here. It's coming along nicely I think.  There's still lots to do, but we're getting closer!  I do hope that we get it done within a year so we can enjoy a finished house unlike our home in ABQ that we scrambled to finish just in time to sell.
My plan for the fall, when the weather is cooler, is to till up the backyard and work on putting in some raised beds and make a nice garden back there ready to plant in the spring. I hope someday that will be a nice haven for me. I'm gathering info on desert friendly plants, trees and flowers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Six more days!!!

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