Monday, June 23, 2008

There and Back Again

It's hard to believe the kids and I have been back for about 2 months now. We still have 25 day until we see Derreck again and we're counting down the days. It has been really great being home again and back in America. We were not gone so long that we got out of touch with the friends we barely made, so that helped. We miss Derreck terribly, we talk to him nearly everyday, so that is great. Whoever made Skype - we love you! It's such great technology to be able to connect and see each other, best part, all for free! You're the best whoever you are.

So it's really hot here in Hobbs. I can't stand being outside for very long. It has been 100plus degreesF for almost a month straight. It's ridiculous. So I'm working inside the house a lot. We still have lots of fixing up to do and little details now - Still need baseboards!!!! But I have done lots of things already - Derreck be ready to be surprised!

Our good friend and former neighbor Vickie and Sydney braved the heat and came down to see us. Vickie brought her camper and we went to Brantley Lake State Park near Carlsbad. Camping was nice, swimming in the Pecos River was really fun and refreshing and the Caverns were awesome and "cool" as always. But it was so hot when we weren't underground or underwater.

Our summer plans are to swim whenever we can and stay inside when we can't! Ha Ha!! I don't know when our next trip to ABQ will be, unfortunately gas prices are interfering with my fun. So...I'll be continuing to post.

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