Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There's no place like Home!

Dorothy said it best!
The kids and I have returned to Hobbs. We have been here one week and a day. The jet lag lasted about 5 days, so we are now feeling normal. We are getting back into our routines - Both kids are back in Gymnastics and Aaron also in swimming. It's been really weird being back. I never even really felt like Hobbs was home, I'm still missing Albuquerque. But, being in the house we bought has been nice. It's nice to have all our own stuff back. I think the kids felt like going into their rooms and seeing all their toys was like Christmas. There's still a bunch of stuff I don't like about Hobbs, but it's nicer than I remember. Most people are very friendly. Maybe it's because we're speaking the same language, they seem very helpful. Who knows.
It's hard to be away from Derreck, but we get to talk everyday and even see each other on Skype. Technology is a wonderful thing. He should be able to come for a visit in a couple of months. We are anxiously awaiting his visit.
Our last week in NL we went to Germany and stayed in Schwangau and saw Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. I will post about that soon. It was absolutely wonderful.
The kids and I are missing the icecream and the cheap flowers. Something easily taken for granted there!

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