Monday, May 19, 2008

Schwangau, Germany

This post is out of chronological order, but we didn't have time to post about our trip to Schwangau before the kids and I had to come home. It was the most beautiful place and we are so glad we got to spend our last days together in such a wonderful place.
We booked out hotel online so we were a little unsure of how it would really be, but it was great! They served breakfast every morning, a typical German breakfast of meats, cheese and bread, also hard cooked eggs. They also had cereal, juice, milk and great coffee. From our hotel you could see Castle Neuschwanstein and Castle Hohenschwangau. We were walked to them and they were awesome!! So beautiful and elegant and rich. I'm glad King Ludwig was so eccentric! I wish he would've been able to finish Neuschwanstein, I can only imagine what else would've been done.

We also enjoyed being in Bavaria, the food and drink were awesome. We don't know if we were there during a holiday or festival of some sort, but most of the locals were dressed in traditional dress one night and they were playing music at a restaurant we ate at. One guy even played the spoons, very well I might add! It was such a neat experience.

We took a chance and went to Ottobeuren to the Benedictine Abbey. Wow, was it worth it, not really knowing what it was. This was by far the most beautiful building I have ever seen. When we got there it just looked like another big old church. Then we stepped inside - what an awesome and holy place. The details in every single spot from floor to ceiling were so perfect. Breathtaking. That's the only way to describe that church. It is a working monastery so we saw some Monks. The kids liked seeing that. There was also a museum upstairs in part of it, so we saw the history and all kinds of examples of things they made. It was founded in 754, but I think it was about 1200 or so when this church was built. Anyway, awesome!!

So this is obviously a late post - we took this trip first week in May. I'll be catching up on posts and pictures in the next few weeks.

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