Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out and about in Hengelo

This weekend we stayed in town. We enjoyed ourselves walking around seeing different parts of Hengelo that we hadn't seen before. We went swimming at the city pool and the kids loved that.
We went to church and we saw real Gypsies. They sat by us! I didn't know they were gypsies but our English helper told me they were Gypsies. I asked what did she mean? She said you don't have Gypsies in American? What do you mean? I asked again. She said they live in caravans and travel and come and go. No, we don't really have that in America I said. Wow. It was really interesting to learn that. She said when they lived in Belgium the church they went to had lots of Gypsies that would come and go. So interesting. So, the women wore full skirts, lots of layers, sweaters and mimimal jewelry compared to what I think of when I hear Gypsy. They were dark complected and really very pretty. There were 2 guys with them, one was like the grandpa I'd guess, and another guy, younger and light skinned. It was really neat to see.

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