Monday, April 14, 2008


After we went to Keukenhof, we drove to a Kinderdijk, villiage of 19 windmills. I had looked on the internet about this place and often when you see photos of many windmills along a canal, this is where they are taken. So we wanted to see it, there is walking path along the canal and a visitors windmill. Also on the website, it stated that the community observes Sunday as a day for rest, religion, etc so please be respectful about choosing to visit on Sunday. So our plan was to go Saturday after the garden. Our first surprise was when we were getting very close our gps told us to turn right and board ferry. We were like, Ferry! What? So we drove our little car on the ferry and went across a river. None of us had ever done that, so it was pretty neat. Then we park and start walking toward Kinderdijk and realize it's not just a bunch of windmills, it's peoples' homes! They actually live in them! We took the tour of the visitor's windmill and saw how it was laid out with living area first floor, cooking area second floor and bedrooms on up. Of course it gets smaller as you get higher, so there's not a whole lot of room. The visitors windmill was not turning - all the others were- but I wondered if it was loud in there at all. At anyrate, it was really cool. I think they should use one as a specialty hotel thing.

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