Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Sunny and warm weekend!

It was a wonderful weekend! It was around 70 degrees F and we all loved it! Saturday we went back to Hoge Veluwe to ride the white bikes. It was great! We packed a lunch and spent most of the day there. All in all we figured we rode about 15 km. Aaron was really worn out by the time we finished. But we took plenty of rest stops and enjoyed the environment.

Sunday we went to our church in Almelo. It was a special day for the kids and I, it being our last day there. They prayed over us as the kids and I will be leaving soon and Derreck to remain here. We were very moved. The speaker today was John (didn't catch his last name), a guest from Australia. It was very nice to hear the sermon in English first. Henk, our pastor interpretted the message to Dutch while John spoke. John was very animated and as he spoke Henk would make the same gestures. It was quite comical! But the message was wonderful. God's perfect timing, of course. We were very blessed by the message. It's so awesome to see the work God is doing in the Netherlands.

Other news - we found 3 things that are less expensive here than back home: Ice Cream, Milk, and Beer. There are wonderful ice cream shops all over and Hengelo just happens to be home to award winning ice cream, Van der Poel. We have tried many of their flavors, the best being the cookie caramel, strawberry cheesecake, and another vanilla with nutella in it. Wonderful! The ice cream is less than a Euro a scoop, so for all of us, it's like €4,40. Compare to Baskin Robbins or similar and you can barely get 2 scoops for $4. The milk is sold in a 1.5 liter, roughly a half gallon. The cost is about 85 cents (about 1 US dollar) That's cheap!! We were paying close to $5 a gallon when we left Hobbs. And then there's the beer. You can buy just a bottle or a can, that's about €1-1.50 depending on the brand. But if you buy a 12 pack it's around €6.00 and you get €2 back when you bring the bottles back to the store for recycling. I'm not a big beer drinker, but I know beer is more expensive back home and I know it tastes better too!


J.H. said...

Yep, that's the Netherlands.
While I am sitting in Hobbs as a Dutch guy, You Americans are in my homecountry.
I got the blogsite from the gymnastics teacher in Hobbs.

We had some warm weekends overhere. Being used to rain and low temperatures I like the weather so far.

I do not know how much time you have left together, but enjoy it while it lasts.
I hope we will be in contact by e-mail or even see each other in real life in Hobbs.

Warm greetings from a sunny and windy Hobbs

Jan DeWilde

dkjett said...

Myself and my kids are back in Hobbs, while my husband is still in NL working. I do hope to meet you and your family, I think it would be nice.
My email is
I'd love to hear from you.