Monday, March 10, 2008

March 8-9

It was rainy all week and still is. One of the things I miss the most about home is the sunshine. We did manage to get out a little this weekend. We didn't get to visit anything, but we saw some nice landscapes and had a nice drive. We went west and then north, then back home. We also celebrated Derreck's birthday Sunday. We got a cake of some sort - thought it was a cherry topped cheesecake - the lady said kaas, which is cheese, but it wasn't like what we are used to but still it was good. We did buy some groen kaas - green cheese. It's pesto cheese, and actually very good. We also ordered a pizza from New York Pizza, here in Hengelo. It wasn't too bad. The crust was yuck, but it had real pepperoni on it, so that was a treat. We did eat out with another couple from Hobbs and had schnizel, their most popular food. It was good, but there are so many people who smoke here and there are no laws against smoking in public places as there is in New Mexico. So there is smoke everywhere and with our allergies and my aversion to smoke it made it not very enjoyable - along with the fact that a simple dinner cost about €50 which is about $75 American. All of the Americans here with Derreck's company are surprized about the smoke here. The Dutch ride their bikes and smoke all over town. It just seems so backward, don't they know how bad it is? Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox for now...

Tonight, Tuesday, we went swimming at an indoor pool center in Weirden. It was great. Aaron got to swim all his strokes. There was a cool enclosed slide that was black but lit with lights. We all enjoyed that! We are so glad to have found that - the kids, especially Aaron, have not been getting enough of their energy out. We're cooped up in the apartment with all the rain. There are not very many playgrounds either, at least not that we've found. So I hope to make a trip to the pool once a week.

So as we were driving to the pool it was raining very steadily. I am just amazed at the people on their bikes. All ages, all typed of clothing - buisness, skirts, jeans, whatever. Most of them have no hat or hood or gloves. They stop at intersections without a care. I just can't comprehend that. I realize you have to continue life even when you live in a rainy climate, but they don't even protect themselves from it. I get really cold when it's raining and I have on my Gore-Tex. There are several of the Dutch coming to Hobbs for 1-2 years as team members for the company and I just wonder what on earth they will think of the Hot and Dry Hobbs?! I can't wait to ask.

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