Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

This Easter was very unique for us. It had been snowing and raining for days, and more snow was forcasted, but we were very blessed to have a beautiful sunny day. It was very cold, but very pleasant. We drove south to Kasteel Hoensbroek. It is at the south end of the country, with Belgium and Germany very close. We drove on the Autobaun in Germany. That was the highlight of the trip for Derreck. He got our little car up to 170 kph. That's about 105mph. Not bad for the little car. We saw many Mercedes and BMW's and Audi's fly past us though.

The castle had a special day for kids for Easter. They had actors and plays, music, a jester and more. Aaron got to fight the bad knight with some other boys; he loved that! We were all awed by the jester and the fire. We really enjoyed the day and exploring the castle. Photos were allowed, so I was taking lots of pictures.

After that, we decided to go find a castle ruin close by we'd heard about. That was very awesome too. The size was massive. It was very impressive to see all that it used to be. They had models of how the castle would've been in it's day, pretty amazing. There is a huge underground guided tour of the ruins beneath. We didn't have time to do this, but saw some of the pictures. WOW! I wish we could've all gone. Derreck may go back later. The history is amazing.

Our Easter was a very special day, truly arranged by God. And we are so grateful He is Risen!

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