Sunday, March 2, 2008

Doorwerth Castle

Yesterday we went to Doorwerth Castle. It was really awesome. We were able to go inside and see the inside, many of the rooms, and go up several staircases. We were almost to the top of one section of the castle. Unfortunately, they did not allow photography inside the castle, but we got plenty from outside. It has a mote and 2 drawbridges. This castle was almost completely destroyed in WWII first by the Germans, then the Allied Forces taking it back. In the picture of the back of the castle you can see parts where the bricks don't match and have been replaced. They did a really good job restoring it. The outer walls were 2 meters thick. In one spot we could actually see it. There was a room of armour and weapons. They had a breastplate, gloves, 2 kinds of helmets and chain mail for visitors to try on. They were all heavy, especially the chainmail. Aaron loved that part. He's been talking about knights ever since. Then last thing on the way out we saw the dungeon! The kids were really fascinated by that. They had a dummy in the room and I think they thought it was a real prisoner that had rotted and died there. We had to explain it wasn't real.

The drive to the castle was nice, only about 1 1/2 hours. We stopped to get gas and Derreck surprised me with a Dr. Pepper! It is almost impossible to find here. I was so glad. But we really are eating much healthier. We drink lots of water at home - drinks are expensive to buy and they are heavy, as we have to carry our groceries. We eat lots of fresh fruit and the food doesn't have preservatives in it. And we are walking everywhere. It's a good lifestyle.

Today we went to De Banier church again. They had a baptism ceremony. It's very nice for us to be in fellowship with other believers. They have a translation for English speakers, so it's a great place for us while we're away from our home church.

We miss everyone and would love to hear from you!

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