Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where we live

We live faily close to the square in Hengalo. The square is center of town. That is where the market is and the train station. Our apartment building is called Thrinon and ours is on the 4th floor. We have a little balcony which will be nice in the spring. There are 6 other employees here and some with families. We are in the same complex so that's nice to be able to visit each other easily. We use Skype to "call" each other - and any of you can download Skype and talk or IM us for free!

Here are some pictures of the view from the apartment. The other one is the view of our apartment building from across the street aways. The clock tower is our landmark to know how to get back to our apt. if we get turned around. As you can sort of see, many of the side streets are cobblestone and curve and wind, so it's very easy to get turned around. The main roads are paved, but most of the roads are residential, bike and walking. Bikes have the right of way, their bricks are red, walking is black/grey. So you have to pay attention to where you walk so you don't get run over. And if it happens to be a road that cars can drive on really watch out. They are very narrow and with all the turns in the roads, the cars have a hard time seeing you. The few times we've driven anywhere Aaron and I have gotten a little car sick. Yuck. We'll keep posting more and remember, to view a picture larger just click on it.

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Krista said...

The town looks "new" (post WWII). Is it just being developed or was it destroyed in the War? Where is the town in relation to Amsterdam? Have you been to Amsterdam yet? The town I remember best from Holland was Utrech - I remember it as a clean version of Amsterdam :-) Have fun - and make the most of it!