Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Life in Hengelo and Beyond

We have been here 12 days now and are starting to settle in. We're figuring out the grocery store, and really like Market days; Wednesdays and Saturdays. At the market you can buy just about anything. Today we got socks for Aaron and tights for Heidi and me. We also got some wonderful oranges and bread and some sausage.

The language is still very hard. Reading it has become easier, but hearing people speak is very difficult to decipher.

I have used our Grill/Microwave/Convection oven several times now and it's getting easier to cook in. Derreck really enjoyes the food he knows and loves, so we haven't ventured much in our eating. We did buy what we thought were frozen fish fillets and they turned out to be breaded pork chops. Everyone liked them anyway.

We traveled to Germany last Saturday, it's about 20 minute drive to the border. We went to see a castle, Bad Bentheim, but it was closed. There were many others there to see it too and they just went in under the ropes, so we followed. We enjoyed walking around the grounds but would have like to seen the inside. Germany is very different from NL, very hilly and the cobblestone roads are even more windy and narrower!

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