Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 18th

Today Aaron located the moon in his telescope. He was very excited to see the craters in it. We hadn't used it since last March, it was packed away for so long with the move and everything. And now being outside the city there is a better sky for stargazing. He found a star that I think may have been a planet but I'm not sure. We hope to be able to use the telescope more.

Derreck heard from the NRC today and should have his clearance within the next two weeks. We are very excited, as this has been a long waiting game. Now we can plan for the trip to the Netherlands. There are some issues on the legalities of homeschooling for those families staying longer than 90 days. Derreck will be there at least 6 months, possibly 9 months. We are considering the option of the kids and myself staying the 90 days. Then Derreck would be able to take 2 weeks off every 2 months after that to come home, or we could go back out. There are a lot of things to consider in making that decision, so we're just praying for God's guidance and wisdom.

We are looking forward to Christmas in our new home. We certainly miss everyone in Albuquerque, especially our Christmas Eve tradition of walking in Old Town to see the luminarias, then enjoying tamales and posole with good friends. But we know God has placed us here and we are making the most of it with family and new friends. I am going to attempt to make tamales - imagine, me the North Eastern Gringo! I'll let you know how it goes... So as we continue some traditions and take on new ones, we keep Christ center. It will be a merry Christmas indeed.

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kcfurness said...

Hi, its kendra, i miss you guys,,, email me your new email and lets catch up, kcfurness@yahoo.com