Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still working!

Ok, so we're still working on the house.
What we've done so far: Built the new walls, put the sheetrock up on the framed walls and dining room ceiling and Aaron's room ceiling, taped the sheetrock, tiled the bathroom floor, counter and most of the tub surround, sanded the popcorn texture off kitchen walls and some of the ceiling, installed the new toilet, painted Heidi's room and probably more.
Still left to do: texture all the walls, prime and paint, lay the new floor in living room, take off the particle board nailed to the hardwood in the dining room, our bedroom and Aaron's bedroom, install window in bathroom, finish tiling and grouting the tub surround and attach new fixtures, put in new bathroom sink, and fix any electrical issues. Then we will move in. Scheduled date - first week of November. Sometime after that, build new kitchen peninsula and new cabinet doors, install new kitchen sink and countertop, lay the new floor in the kitchen as well. Also at a later date, complete the 3/4 bath we framed in. Whew!

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Mom and Dad said...

Your progress on the new house is very impressive. May the Lord bless you and your family.