Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Derreck's trip to the Netherlands

Derreck spent one week in the Netherlands for work. He flew into Amsterdam with his team and they took a bus to Almelo, where he will be doing the training. They spent time at the facility in Almelo, and also made a trip to Groneau, Germany, where there is another facility. They toured some apartments and holiday homes to get an idea of what living there will be like. One thing that I found interesting is that there are no ovens - only a stove top and a microwave or a toaster oven. Also no dishwashers. The living spaces are much smaller than what we are used to in America (well, we've certainly lived in a tiny space here in this rental house!) Anyway, he said it was beautiful and we would all love it. On their way back to Amsterdam they stopped at a tourist place with all the windmills most people think of when they think Holland. He said they sold the wooden shoes there. I think Heidi and I will get a pair!
We're still hoping to go in January. It's all dependent on when Derreck gets his clearance. He's expecting it in December, but there can be so much red tape. We are praying it will come in as expected. If not, it wont be until July that we go. I really pray he gets it by December.

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