Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jett's new house

Greetings from Hobbs. The latest on the Jett's is we bought a house. Our plan was to just rent until we were back from the trip overseas, but rent is so high here, it was more economical to buy. We are excited to work on a place of our own. It is an older home on 1.3 acres outside Hobbs. It's 1600sf, much bigger than what we've ever had, so we are excited to have a place for everything. The house needs lots of work and updating, but exciting for us is hardwood floors under quite a bit of the carpet. We don't know the condition of the floors, but hopefully we can use them. So we will be busy working on updating our new house. Luckily we will stay in the rental until the lease runs out so we can hopefully get more done without having to live in a remodel.
Other news: so far we have seen 2 tarantulas, 2 black widow spiders, one scorpion, and a zillion cockroaches.

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