Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Move to Hobbs

We closed on our house in ABQ on April 23rd. We then stayed with our next door neighbor for a couple of days. It was strange to see other people moving into the house. We then drove to Durango and stayed with my brother and his family. The kids really enjoyed seeing their cousins. We were happy to be there and relax after so much work we'd done getting the house ready to sell. We then came back to ABQ and stayed with some other friends for a few more days. We have been so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family who really took care of us. Thank you! After that we stayed in a hotel for 6 days. It really was nice to enjoy the indoor pool and do some shopping in ABQ. We had a final going away party graciously given by more friends. I am so thankful for everyone there. And thanks also to my special friends who took care of Samson for us while we were at the hotel.
We came to Hobbs on May 7th. We had found out 2 days prior that Derreck's company had found a house for us to rent. Up until then, we knew we might be in a hotel for a while again. So praise God we did get in a house, even though it is in pretty bad shape and is TINY! I never thought I'd wish I had my old kitchen back. It just goes to show - be thankful for what you have, it could be worse!! There is a huge housing shortage in Hobbs and the market is extremely inflated. The rent is outrageous, way more than it would be in ABQ. We are not looking to buy anything anytime soon, probably not until we come back to the states. The plan is still January to go to the Netherlands, but it could change again. Since the plant is about 25 miles south of Hobbs, we are considering other towns to look for a house or land to buy if the housing prices stay inflated. Today we looked in Lovington, NM. It's a very small town. We are going to look in Seminole and Andrews, TX also. The commute for Derreck would be about 40 - 50 miles each way from any of those places which is not so great, but many of the other people he works with are also considering those places too; he is pretty sure there will be people to carpool with.
I have joined the homeschool group here. The people I've met are very nice and it looks to be a good group and coop for all of us. I have Aaron in gymnastics here and it's a really good program. Heidi is on a waiting list for her age. We are all sad for her, especially since she is really really likes it and is pretty good. Hopefully it won't take very long for her to get in a class. I also have them signed up for swimming lessons in June.
We miss everyone! Email us!